About Arboreal Lawn & Landscape

Arboreal Lawn and Landscape is a reliable, local property maintenance company dedicated to providing quality, dependable service and treating people right. Service was the operative word for this new company

Profit stresses, “ We rely heavily upon our Core Values of Quality, Dependability, Honesty, and Respect to ensure client satisfaction is met each time out the door”

Treating people right, that’s what has driven our growth and exactly what we will continue to do, it’s really a quite simple recipe for success, our clients respond well to being treated this way, we’re certain you will too.


We could tell you so many fantastic things about us, but we would rather just show you and prove to you that we are the right lawn service for you.All we need is one chance to impress and remember there is NO RISK.

Here’s a few things about us you might like!

  • We will always answer the phone and get back to you with friendly customer service.
  • We are consistent and on time with our services.
  • Your lawn will be treated with maximum care as if it were our own.
  • We are licensed fertilizer and weed control applicators with TDA and have reliable insurance.
  • You can trust us with any gate codes or keys to access to any back yards that we need to perform service on.
  • We take extra care not to tear up toys, sprinkles, fences etc. If anything is damaged, we will take responsibility.
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