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Red mulch being spread out on landscape bed in Rowlett, TX.

Mulch Installation in the Rockwall, Wylie, & Rowlett Areas of TX

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We offer mulch installation to homes and businesses in Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX and nearby areas.

Choose from stunning mulch options to keep your plants healthy and your landscape beds looking good.

At Arboreal Lawn & Landscape, we offer a mulch installation service that will provide health benefits to the plants in your landscape beds. This landscape maintenance service also offers aesthetic advantages since we provide various mulch options to make your landscape beds look good.

We offer mulch installation throughout the year, but we recommend scheduling it in the spring and fall so your softscapes will remain protected in the summer and winter. Our team also follows proper application techniques like spreading the material by hand and using only the right amount of mulch to get you the best results for your property. If you live or own a business in Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX or a surrounding city, give us a call today at (972) 521-6227 to schedule our mulch installation service.

We offer different mulch options for your landscape beds.

Handful of brown mulch in a professional's hands in Wylie, TX.

Mulch improves your landscape design by creating a cohesive and fresh look for your landscape beds. At Arboreal Lawn & Landscape, you can choose from our various mulch options to enhance your landscape beds' appeal and protect your plants from harsh temperatures. Here are the types of mulch we use:

  • Brown hardwood mulch
  • Red or black colored mulch
  • Cedar mulch
  • Cypress mulch

As the mulch decomposes, it will release beneficial nutrients back to your plants.

When can you schedule our mulch installation service?

You can schedule our mulch installation service any time throughout the year. However, we recommend scheduling it in the spring and fall so your landscape plants will reap more benefits. Installing mulch in the spring helps retain moisture in the soil, ensuring your plants will not dry up once the summer heat rolls in. We also found that mulch installation in the spring helps prevent weeds by depriving them of sunlight which is crucial for weed growth. You can also opt to schedule in the fall to provide the roots of your plants with insulation for the fall and winter conditions.

Mulch needs to be regularly replenished since it breaks down over time. Our team can refresh your mulch once or twice a year in the spring and fall. Replenishing your mulch will continuously provide your beautiful plants with health and aesthetic benefits.

Our Mulch Installation Process

A professional spreading brown mulch from a full bag in Wylie, TX.

Most landscaping companies use mulch blowers to spread mulch on landscape beds, but we do things differently at Arboreal Lawn & Landscape. Our skilled professionals install mulch by hand so we can lay down the material with better precision than mulch blowing. During the process, we always leave a little room around the base of your plants to prevent smothering their roots.

Our crew always does the job right. When we install mulch on your landscape beds, we keep the health of your plants in mind. Our team uses the right amount of mulch which is about 2 to 3 inches thick. Too little mulch might not be enough to keep weeds away while too much mulch can choke out your plants.

Give us a call today to schedule our top-quality mulch installation service!

From providing stellar mulch options to excellent and precise installation, you can count on our team to carefully install mulch in your landscape beds. At Arboreal Lawn & Landscape, we offer our top-quality mulch installation service to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX and throughout the surrounding areas. Give our experts a call today at (972) 521-6227 to schedule our mulch installation service!


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