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Fire ants gathered together on concrete in Rowlett, TX.

Fire Ant Control in the Rockwall, Wylie, & Rowlett Areas of TX

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We offer fire ant control to homes and businesses in Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX, and nearby areas.

Our fire ant control comes with follow-up treatments at no cost to ensure fire ants are eliminated from your yard.

While they may be tiny, the bites of fire ants can cause intense pain. That's why you need to eradicate them from your property! At Arboreal Lawn & Landscape, we offer expert fire ant control treatments to homes and businesses in Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX and nearby areas.

We apply our treatments in the spring when they are actively searching for food. While our treatments will kill the existing fire ants in your yard, you might still see ant mounds here and there during the year. That's why we offer follow-up treatments at no additional cost for you! After the product gets watered in, you only need to wait for it to dry up before you can use your lawn again.

What does our fire ant control treatment look like?

Fire ant hill found in a client's lawn in Rockwall, TX.

Our fire ant control treatment at Arboreal Lawn & Landscape is your property's best control against fire ants and their stinging bites. You can schedule it in early to mid-spring because fire ants are most active during this season as they are foraging for food. By applying the treatments when fire ant activity is at its peak, we can target as many fire ants as possible.

We eliminate fire ant colonies from your property by killing the queen ants so they can stop reproducing more ants. We use a slow-acting insecticide that kills worker ants and queen ants in your yard. Worker ants who get exposed to this chemical do not die right away, which means they can return to the colony and transfer the insecticide to the rest of the fire ants, including the queen. Eventually, the product will eliminate all of the ants that have come in contact with it.

We Provide Follow Up Treatments At No Extra Cost

Our crew goes above and beyond when treating your property for fire ants. While our initial treatment should provide protection for 12 months, there is a chance that fire ants could make their way back onto your property. That's why we provide follow-up treatments at no extra cost for you! This means you have additional protection from fire ants without having to spend more of your hard-earned money. If you're still seeing ant mounds and fire ants on your property, just let our team know and we'll be there to apply our fire ant control treatments!

As with all our other services, our fire ant control is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

How long do you have to wait before you can use your lawn again after our treatment?

A child and a dog enjoying their treated lawn in Wylie, TX.

Our fire ant control treatments are generally safe for you and your pets. However, the product that we use is a granular insecticide that needs to be watered in to activate it. After we apply the treatment, all you need to do is to wait for it to dry before you can use your lawn like normal again.

Call our professionals today to schedule our fire ant control!

When dealing with fire ants, you need our professionals who know how to eliminate them properly. Our fire ant control at Arboreal Lawn & Landscape will kill existing fire ants on your property so you remain safe from their painful bites. It also comes with free follow-up treatments!

We are proud to serve commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX and nearby communities. Call our professionals today at (972) 521-6227 to schedule.


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