Core aeration is the process through which professionals create tiny holes in your soil to form pathways for nutrients to reach the roots of your turf. This service is typically scheduled in Texas once a year in the spring to help your lawn flourish during the growing season. It's a service you definitely don't want to skip, and here's why! For one, core aeration can loosen the compacted soil in your lawn, enhancing the flow of nutrients and resources to the roots of your grass. The service can also help your lawn absorb fertilizer better, and it can increase how resistant your turf is against stressors by granting it access to the vital resources and nutrients it needs to become stronger. Core aeration is key to maintaining a gorgeous, healthy lawn here in our state for all these reasons. Keep reading to learn more about each of these three benefits!

1. A core aeration service can reduce soil compaction in your lawn.

Aerator machine servicing lawn in Rockwall, TX.

Soil compaction is a serious problem that can limit how many resources and nutrients reach the roots of your turf. When your lawn starts to show signs of compaction, you should schedule a core aeration service to break up the compacted soil to make it easier for the roots of your grass to access water, sunlight, and the essential nutrients it needs to grow.

Core aeration is especially important in the spring because your grass is gearing up to grow strong and beautiful, so it needs plenty of resources and nutrients. If your lawn lacks access to an adequate supply of nutrients in spring, it may not grow properly, meaning it could look dull.

After aeration, nutrient-filled cores of soil are left on your lawn. The cores will decompose and recycle nutrients back into your lawn.

2. Core aeration can allow your lawn to uptake fertilizer better!

Holes from aeration service in Heath, TX.

In the spring, you are going to want to fertilize your lawn to help it grow strong and healthy. However, you can enhance the fertilizer's effectiveness by scheduling a core aeration service beforehand. During the core aeration service, holes are poked in the soil to open pathways for nutrients to flow. The fertilizer can then seep in through these holes and gain access to the roots in your lawn, nourishing your grass and equipping it to grow.

Your turf is essentially preparing to bounce back in spring after conserving energy while dormant in the winter. So, your grass will benefit from absorbing fertilizer after a core aeration service to help nourish and sustain that growth.

3. A core aeration service can strengthen your grass so that it can resist stressors.

Healthy lawn in Rose Hill, TX.

A core aeration service can beautify your lawn by giving it the resources and nutrients it needs to look vibrant and green. However, these same nutrients can increase your turf's health and resistance to a number of stressors, too. When you aerate your lawn, you improve your turf's access to vital nutrients and to resources, like sunlight and water. The roots of your grass can then develop a strong root system. By strengthening your grass, it will be better equipped to resist stressors like lawn diseases and insect infestations!

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Here in Texas, soil compaction can affect your lawn by limiting the amount of sunlight, water, and essential nutrients that reach the roots of your grass. It is recommended that lawns in our state be aerated yearly during the spring to prevent soil compaction. Call us at (972) 521-6227 to schedule our core aeration service to help combat soil compaction in your lawn. At Arboreal Lawn & Landscape, we service Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, and nearby areas in Texas.