It's not uncommon to see a few weeds growing in your lawn here in Texas. However, these weeds can cause a lot of problems for your lawn. When left untreated, the weeds can damage your lawn by competing for nutrients, space, and resources, affecting how much of each your grass gets. Your lawn needs pre-emergent weed control to be practically weed-free, and here's why. Pre-emergent weed control prevents weeds from growing, meaning the weeds don't get the chance to compete in the first place. In addition, the treatment is effective against many common types of weeds in our state and reduces how much post-emergent weed control you'll need later down the road. Keep reading to learn more about pre-emergent weed control and why you should apply it to your lawn!

Apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn.

Pre-emergent being applied to a lawn in Rock Wall, TX.

A pre-emergent weed control treatment works by preventing weeds from sprouting on your lawn. Professionals use a liquid herbicide to treat your lawn, coating the soil under your grass and creating a barrier that blocks weeds from sprouting. So, when the weeds come into contact with the barrier, they will die underground because they won't be able to sprout and get the resources they need to stay alive.

Here in Texas, pre-emergent weed control should be applied between September and March to prepare for increased activity in the spring during the growing season. In springtime, the grass and weeds in your lawn are sprouting from seeds, so it's important to apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from invading your turf.

Some weeds in Texas can sprout in the winter, so a pre-emergent fall application can prevent those weeds from sprouting.

Use a pre-emergent treatment to reduce your use of post-emergent weed control later.

Because pre-emergent weed control helps stop weeds from sprouting, you won't have to deal with as many weeds later on, drastically reducing the number of chemicals you'll need to apply to your lawn throughout the rest of the year. The reasoning here is simple: When there are fewer weeds growing, you won't need to apply as much post-emergent weed control later down the road!

Ideally, after applying a pre-emergent treatment, you'll need a few applications of post-emergent weed control to spot-treat any weeds that were past a point in their life cycle when the pre-emergent weed control treatment was applied. So, not only will your lawn benefit from not having as many weeds on your lawn, but it will also benefit from not having to deal with so many chemicals!

Pre-emergent weed control can work against common weeds in Texas.

Dandelion weed in a lawn in Garland, TX.

In Texas, there are many weed types that can appear on your lawn. One of the benefits of applying a pre-emergent treatment is that it can work to prevent several kinds of weeds from growing on your turf. Many of the common weeds in our state are invasive plants that reproduce quickly by spreading a plentitude of seeds or using their roots, so it's best to get rid of these weeds to prevent them from weakening your grass by stealing nutrients and resources.

Here are a few common weeds in our state that pre-emergent weed control is effective against:

  • Dandelion
  • Thistle
  • Henbit
  • Dollarweed
  • And more!

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