Brown patch is a lawn disease that commonly affects lawns in Texas. If you're seeing symptoms of this disease on your lawn like circular patches of brown grass, the first thing you need to do is contact a lawn care expert to confirm if it's really brown patch. Other lawn diseases and even a dehydrated lawn can exhibit similar signs, and getting a correct diagnosis allows you to take the proper steps to help your grass get better. The next thing you'll want to do is schedule a curative treatment to stop the disease from wreaking more havoc on your lawn. Because curative treatments cannot reverse any damage on your lawn, you'll also want to schedule lawn fertilization and lawn aeration services to nurse your lawn back to health.

Confirm that your lawn is suffering from brown patch.

Brown patches spread throughout lawn in Wylie, TX.

If you suspect your lawn to be suffering from brown patch, the first thing you'll want to do is confirm if it's really brown patch. This lawn disease presents itself as circular patches of brown or tan grass with dark purple or grayish borders. The problem is that other lawn diseases can look similar to brown patch, and even a dehydrated or poorly-watered lawn can show the same symptoms. To confirm if your lawn is indeed suffering from brown patch, contact a lawn care professional who can diagnose your turf correctly. Getting a proper diagnosis for your lawn is the first step to helping your grass recover!

Brown patch disease thrives when the weather is hot and humid. Make sure you're monitoring your lawn closely during late spring, summer, and early fall!

Schedule a Curative Brown Patch Treatment ASAP to Eliminate This Lawn Disease

Now that you've confirmed that your lawn is, in fact, suffering from brown patch, you'll want to schedule a curative treatment as soon as possible. Curative lawn disease treatments are designed to stop brown patch in its tracks, allowing your grass to get back on track to grow healthy again. Brown patch can spread quickly, especially under the right conditions, so you'll want to schedule a treatment right away to prevent the disease from causing any further damage to your lawn.

Nurse your lawn back to health by scheduling lawn care services.

Fertilizer in hand spreader being applied to a lawn in Wylie, TX.

Curative treatments can only eliminate the lawn disease on your turf, they can't reverse any damage that has already been inflicted. With brown patch out of the way, the next thing you'll want to do is schedule lawn care services that will nurse your lawn back to health. Learn more about the lawn care services you need to help your grass recover:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Lawn fertilizers contain essential nutrients that will improve your lawn's health, giving your grass a much-needed boost to recover from brown patch. These treatments will also help your grass become resilient to resist lawn diseases and other stressors in the future.
  • Lawn Aeration: Aerating your lawn allows the roots of your grass to have better access to nutrients, water, air, and sunlight, all of which will help your grass grow stronger again. Lawn aeration also promotes the development of more robust roots.

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