The ingredients in your fertilizer can resemble a periodic table; however, there's no need to worry. These organic elements are all vital to your lawn's growth! In order to grow strong and healthy, your grass needs assistance during a multitude of different internal processes. This ranges from photosynthesis to the development of vital organic macromolecules like nucleic acids and proteins. Luckily, the ingredients in your fertilizer — NPK — are all necessary and fuel the development and completion of these processes. Nitrogen (N) is perhaps the most important of the three because it helps your lawn produce proteins, which are needed by every living organism. Phosphorus (P) is vital to the development of a strong root system and the production of nucleic acids, which are used to store genetic information for future generations of grass. Finally, potassium (K) is needed to help your turf resist lawn disease and harsh weather elements here in Texas. Together, they are a dream team that can completely transform the health and appearance of your lawn. Keep reading to learn more about each component!

Nitrogen helps your plants grow strong and healthy.

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Nitrogen is sometimes considered the most important substance your lawn can absorb because of all it does! For one, it helps grass produce proteins, which are the developmental backbone of any organism. Nitrogen also assists in photosynthesis, which is the process through which your lawn converts energy from the sun to energy for itself.

In order to photosynthesize, your grass needs chlorophyll, which is a substance partly composed of nitrogen, to absorb the sunlight. Chlorophyll is also responsible for your turf's beautiful green color, so if your grass is nourished with nitrogen, the element can encourage chlorophyll production, leading to a gorgeous green lawn that is strong and healthy.

Contact a professional to fertilizer your lawn because they will know exactly how much nitrogen should be in your fertilizer depending on what type of grass you have.

Phosphorus helps your lawn produce nucleic acids and a strong root system.

Phosphorous is an element your grass needs to develop a strong root system. It is also essential during the production of nucleic acids, which are organic molecules that help store genetic information. This can aid your grass during reproduction by helping imprint genetic material.

Unfortunately, when the grass is phosphorus-deficient, it can lack the nutrients needed to withstand erosion and other harsh elements because the roots are not anchored strongly enough to the soil. A lack of phosphorus can also lead to fledgling grass blades looking irregular or not growing much.

Potassium can strengthen your lawn against disease and harsh weather.

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If you're looking to fortify your grass against different stressors, potassium is an amazing element to do just that. Potassium aids your grass in the production of starches, protein, and sugar, strengthening it against disease and environmental factors. This can help your grass when it gets cold or hot here in Texas.

When your lawn lacks potassium, however, it can wilt or turn yellow, becoming a victim of different stressors. To avoid this, make sure you look into exactly what your lawn needs to stay healthy and strong.

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