Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to provide it with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Your lawn needs these nutrients, along with sunlight and water, to grow fuller and healthier throughout the year. There are both liquid and granular fertilization treatments available to lawns in the Rockwall, TX area. Liquid fertilizer is a quick way to send nutrients to your grass with fast-acting results. Granular fertilizer is a slower process of providing nutrients to your lawn, with longer-lasting results. Both of these options are great, and which one you choose depends on your preferences and other circumstances.

Liquid fertilizer is a fast-acting treatment for your lawn.

Liquid fertilizer being sprayed over a lawn in Rowlett, TX.

Liquid fertilizer treatment is designed to get nutrients to your lawn's root system quickly. This type of fertilization treatment is applied to the surface of your lawn through a hose and sprayed across the entire yard. Then, the liquid fertilizer is absorbed into the soil and straight into your lawn's root system.

The greatest benefit of liquid fertilizer is that it is fast-acting. This type of fertilization treatment is best for a struggling lawn because it quickly boosts the nutrients available to your grass.

Granular fertilizer provides constant nutrients to your grass over a longer period.

Granular fertilizer pellets spread over lawn in Sachse, TX.

Granular fertilizer comes as small granules rather than a liquid spray. It is applied to your grass with a spreader. Since this type of fertilizer comes as granules, it must be watered into your soil after the application process in order to activate the granules. After they are watered, the granules release nutrients into your soil at a slower pace when compared to liquid fertilizer.

Granular fertilizer is perfect to apply to lawns during times of the year when it needs a supply of nutrients over a longer period of time. For example, if you are looking to protect your lawn over the winter season, a granular fertilizer treatment in the fall is a great way to do so.

Using granular fertilizers helps lower the chances of accidentally "burning" your grass.

Is liquid or granular fertilizer better than the other?

While granular and liquid fertilizers have different benefits, no one type is better than the other. Both liquid and granular fertilizers are important to use on your lawn at different times of the year to see maximum results in your grass. Picking one fertilizer over another depends more on the reason you're using fertilizer and the time of the year.

Having a specific goal for your lawn may help you narrow down which type of fertilizer to use:

  • If your lawn is struggling to grow and needs an immediate boost of nutrients to survive, use liquid fertilizer on your lawn for quick results. Your struggling grass will receive nutrients immediately and may be able to kickstart the growing process once again.
  • If you want your grass to remain healthy and stay protected over a long period of time, granular fertilization may be a better choice. The granules will release nutrients over a longer period of time and encourage your grass to continue growing steadily throughout the year.

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